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Enode One app for Apple Watch

Workout plans that make you stronger - even on bad days.

Enode One analyzes your actual movement data and converts it into actionable recommendations based on your training goals.

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Repetitions are recognized surprisingly well. The recommendations of the weights I find successful. […]

Already in the early version a very good training tool. The repetitions are usually counted well. It would be perfect if these could still be (re)corrected manually (or have I overlooked this function?). The load recommendations were almost perfect for me already in the first workout. I find it great to train only with Apple Watch. […]

The whole app feels like the perfect fit for Apple Watch. Other apps are most often rather simple on the watch and doesn’t provide a lot of benefits. This one is definitely different!

Have you tried all the fitness apps in the world?
Well, this one is
different- we promise.

Automated training guidance
Never count reps again
Always know what to train
Customizable to your needs

Our AI recommends a new workout on each training session, based on your past training performances and the level of exhaustion on certain muscle groups.

No more manual repetition counting. With the help of Apple’s Machine Learning, we can automatically count every repetition.

Data analysis methods from elite sports allow us to give you precise recommendations for repetitions, rest times and workout frequency.

Adjust your training plans based on various goals, training equipment or existing injuries.

Enode One for
Apple Watch

Get a personal trainer on your wrist for free. Extend the experience for as little as $5.49 per month.

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Are you a

Our Enode Pro product line is designed for professional athletes, coaches and institutions.

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Frequently AskedQuestions

Is Enode One supported on my Apple Watch?

The current version of Enode One is supported on the following Watch models running at least watchOS 8:

  • Apple Watch Series 4
  • Apple Watch Series 5
  • Apple Watch Series 6
  • Apple Watch Series 7
  • Apple Watch Series 8
  • Apple Watch SE
  • Apple Watch Ultra
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Enode Onefor Apple Watch

Get started with a personal trainer on your wrist for free. Extend the experience for as little as $5.49 per month.
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