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Focus on becoming

Not planning.

Enode automatically tracks your strength workouts with Apple Watch and adapts your plan based on actual movement data.

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Packed with advanced technologies.

Auto-count reps with Apple Watch or Enode Sensor

Effortless tracking for every rep

Real-time training tips: loads, reps, and rests.

Your personal AI coach, guiding every set

Custom training plans tailored to your goals

Personalized programs for maximum results

Ready to train? Check your status!

Optimize your workouts with readiness insights

Elite sports technology for everyone.


I don’t think many people understand just how ambitious this app is. It is determining the velocity of your movement and pairing that against how hard you think something felt. The reason that is so helpful is that one of the hardest things to do is find the right intensity to train at over the long term. It’s like having a coach watching you work. Getting all of that in your wrist is pretty incredible.

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